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CIS delivers high-end automation design and installation for a myriad of applications, these range from modest apartments, grand family homes/ estates through to commercial spaces such as restaurants and board rooms.

Imagine being able to control or have just about anything run autonomously in the back ground. CIS can make it a reality!

  • Making Beautiful Homes Better!

    Take control of your home from the comfort of your couch.
    CIS systems combine the very best equipment with an interface so intuitive any one will be able to use it.

  • Stylish City Living

    Whether you are in a three bedroom Flat or a two bedroom apartment a CIS lighting and control system can enhance your living experience in your home.

  • We've got what you need!

    CIS has the experience to automate your office to make it not only easy to operate but also help your company earn green star points.

  • Set sail in style

    There is a no compromise attitude concerning our Audio Visual systems.

    A fully customised control panel with carefully selected components creates an amazing boating experience.


CIS use reliable products

Dont let poor quality products be the weakest link in your system.

Control Demonstration

View a demo of the "Deana" Control Interface